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Jewelry Design Innovation

We are Rockford Collection, home of the American Made, Men’s Wedding Band. Where there was once an absence in the marketplace, our team of talented and innovative jewelry designers have redefined the standards for Men’s Wedding Bands.
Uniqie Gold Mens Wedding Band Collection

The Solution

What do men want? Few jewelers and brands have taken time to develop a signature collection of Men’s Wedding Bands. We have filled the void by creating stylish, exciting, and exquisite Bands. The modern man identifies with the sleek design of our Wedding Bands that are a symbol of eternal love.

For women, signature Wedding Bands come in various styles, stones, cuts, and designs — The options are limitless. Men’s Wedding Band options should be no different. Today, men want their forever band to be a knockout, a signature piece that represents and expresses their individual style. To date, collections have been limited, with no option of styles, metals, and stones. That simply cannot be the answer. Today’s modern beau wants their Band to be a symbol of who they are and who they married — Just as much as women do.

Reinvented, Redone, Reimagined

The fashion and accessory industry has been reinvented, redone, and reimagined — everything except Men’s Wedding Rings. Ask yourself, why is that? We, at Rockford Collection have listened, catering to the new generation of mature, confident, and stylish men. We have created a New York based luxury jewelry design-duo and diamond aficionados.

The sign of the time is that men want to be relevant and intentional with their style, just as their women counterpart. We know, for a fact, that men care about shopping and style. The industry is infiltrated by subscription boxes for styled pieces. There is more attention on the Men’s Fashion Industry with the addition of New York Fashion Week: Men’s. We recognize men’s intention when it comes to fashion and have joined the movement by innovating Men’s Wedding Bands.

The Emblem

With legendary poise and architectural grandeur Rockford Collection new confident line of luxury Men’s Wedding Bands is for you. The modern man with style, confidence, strength, and a pedigree to be announced.

We are changing the Men’s Wedding Band game — one ring at a time.

Introducing our debut collection: American Legend. This collection is one with unique stories attached to each ring, to resemble the individuals getting married. Your story is unique, your Wedding Band should be too. Each Band is named after Gold Mines around the United States. They are carefully crafted with genuine, hand selected diamonds utilizing only the finest quality gold. Your Wedding Band will become the emblem of a lifetime of style and love.

The Hype

Rockford Collection is taking the luxury Men’s Jewelry Industry by storm. Finally, men can boast to their timeless, signature, poignant piece they will wear the rest of their life — Their Wedding Band.

Find your Wedding Band, today! Available exclusively online at www.rockfordcollection.com.

Made in New York

Rockford Collection Men’s Wedding Bands are proudly designed and developed in our production studio in New York City. Our team of master jewelers and designers take pride in every aspect of the creation of the Wedding Band. Each Wedding Band is hand crafted utilizing the most innovative technologies and tools.

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