Introducing Rockford Engagement Ring Details

Price increase October 10th

On October 10th 2022, all Rockford pieces will increase in price. Here's why👇🏼

We have had one mission from the beginning. To make the most incredible pieces we can without compromising on quality. If we can make a piece that feels heavier with an extra gram of platinum we will do it, how about a bigger size stone to make it look more balanced? DONE.
In More Detail...

Creating in that style comes with its challenges. Firstly there are the global macro changes like prices of gold, platinum and precious gemstones that change daily. Then there are the logistical challenges of getting the materials to our Ateliers in the US.

When on US soil, we proudly manufacture every component of our rings from scratch with our own craftspeople. We pay above market rates to train and retain great talent. We value the work they do for us and they value what we do for them.

We make this announcement to give you time to purchase your pieces before the price increase as it is fair. Most brands will simply conduct a price increase and there is very little you can do about it.

The post above highlights the prices of some of our rings over the past few years not including the new price increase that will come in October 1st.

Generally there are two benefits to a price increase for you in the long run.

Firstly, for those of you who have purchased a ring from us of the past few years will have seen its value increase quite dramatically in some cases 33%+. Secondly it is testament to the fact that we never discount or lower our prices unless there is a really good reason to do so. You will only be able to purchase Rockford pieces from us because they are complex, beautiful and difficult to make. When others have tried they have generally failed or realised the incredible complexity of the pieces.

Quality is worth it.
Rockford is worth it...
And there is no pressure to buy today, or tomorrow. But when you do, know that it will be a great investment regardless and there is no better time to starting your journey than today.


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