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Kickass Rings and Accessories

When engineering meets attitude, Rockford pieces are born. Residencies in New York and Miami.

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A house with no rules.
We are Rockford Collection. We have only one aim. Make the biggest baddest pieces in mad combinations that we think look great.


Ray J, Quincy, Simone Biles, Ice T & Coco, Scott Storch, Cynthia Bailey, Mike Hill, Masika, Ashley Fliehr, Laquan Smith, Papoose.


Few brands take the approach of making unsafe choices. We are not your standard. If you are looking for boring pieces we aren’t for you.

Who are we to decide who our pieces are for? You like it? Get it, wear it, enjoy it. Our design language is all about mixing and matching whatever we want from our original aesthetic of screws, chains, locks and links all inspired by the Gold Mines of America.


Rockford Collection pieces are proudly designed and developed in our production studios in New York City & Miami. Two things we never compromise on: Quality and Service. From the diamonds we select to the alloys we create, exceptional control over our pieces is the only thing we settle for.


• Designer rings
• Wedding bands for men and women
• Engagement rings
• Silicone rings
• Bracelets
• Pendants
• Chains
• Earrings
• Sunglasses

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