1. Add His and Her Initials

A subtle yet fun way of making your ring with a secret. We don’t engrave, we literally cast your preferred initials into the ring itself. Add custom initials during checkout.
*Applies for rings that have the RF logo visible inside. One RF Logo and the metal type will remain on the inside all rings regardless of customization.

2. Add Bigger Diamonds

With certain styles, bigger diamonds is definitely better. If you want a matching pair but one of you wants something a little extra. This is the perfect adaptation.

3. Change Diamond or Gold Color Patterns

Change existing diamonds in the ring to any preferred diamonds in color or shape as well as customize combinations of gold colors in the ring.

4. Add any Gemstones

Diamonds, Sapphires, Emeralds. Whatever the stone. As long as it is durable, we are happy to incorporate it into the design.

5. Make Ring Wider or Thinner

Some people like their rings slim and sharp. Others want them big and bold. This is one of the most biggest ways of changing the dimension of the ring itself. Perfect for those who really want something custom with the Rockford aesthetic.

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Our Process


Speak to an expert and share your thoughts and ideas. Call 888.766.9122


Work with our designers to create something that reflects your personality. We will work it into the Rockford style. Receive a quote and finalize the design.


Our craftsmen will handcraft the piece in New York. 20+ business days later you will have your piece depending on the complexity and materials used.

For rush deliveries, before placing an order, please contact us immediately at 888.766.9122
*Please note that any customized rings are not refundable.

Our Workmanship


When it comes to Rockford Customized Rings, our processes and materials are elevated even further. From Old Mine Cut diamonds to green gold, at this level we create the best bespoke workmanship can create.

Previous clients of ours have had master engravers, blue diamonds and advanced finishing techinques applied to their pieces.

Every piece here is totally one off. For the guy or couple that want something made by us,

for you…

Designed, Developed & Manufactured


New York

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Designed, Developed and Handcrafted in US


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