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Rockford Aftercare Tips
You did it - you’re a proud member of the #RockfordFam. Now what?

Sit down and pay attention, because class is officially in session. It’s time to learn how to care for your newest obsession.
Best Practices

Caring for your jewelry is cool. There, we said it.

Follow these tips to keep your jewelry shining the same way it was when you first saw it:

  • No strong bumps or whacks (It is jewelry, after all)
  • Avoid sticky situations by removing your ring BEFORE playing with cosmetics or oils
  • Take off before bedtime (Fighting monsters is easier when ringless)
  • If you’re not wearing it, keep it safe (Duh)
  • For chains, store the necklace with the ends clasped (to avoid any tangles or knots)
  • To clean diamond jewelry, use warm water, a toothbrush, and gently scrub the gold and diamonds. (Or just send it to us and we’ll do the dirty work for you)
  • Avoid exposing to household bleach (Bleach destroys gold)
  • Keep away from pirates or trolls that want to steal your treasure

Made in the USA by our craftsmen who forge using thousands of degrees of heat and a lot of effort so...

Appreciate it... Take care of it...

Our lifetime warranty offers free diamond and gemstone tightening, cleaning, re-polishing and rhodium plating.

  • ✔ 100% Natural Diamonds
  • ✔ 100% US Refined Gold and Platinum
  • ✔ Free Cleaning, Polishing & Plating
  • ✔ Free Stone Tightening
  • ✔ Personal Approach & Instant Response

In the event that a more serious trauma occurs, or if your Rockford piece is in need of other services that are not covered under our lifetime warranty, the piece can be sent to us for further evaluation. Once we have inspected the ring, we will work with you on getting things back in order. Insurance is available for your piece at checkout.


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