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See our rings in person
Meet the designer
Discuss customizations

In true Rockford Collection fashion, we always strive to go above and beyond for our clients. That’s why we’re hitting the road to bring the Rockford Experience directly to you. When it comes to customer service, nobody beats Rockford.
Made in New York

Rockford rings are proudly designed in our studio and manufactured in New York City and Miami. A deep appreciation of design, coupled with taste and sheer beauty allowed us to bring to market maximallist designs to be worn by maximallist personalities. We care less if you are a man or woman. Our designs are built to last and made to soar above the rest.
The Hype

We’re giving you the chance to meet the designer, discuss customizations, and see our rings in person. This isn’t a drill, this is the real deal. Rockford Collection is knocking at your door- Are you answering?

Disclaimer: We don’t do standard, we do standout! If you are in the market for the latter, welcome home...

Designed, Developed and Handcrafted in US


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