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Anti Wedding Bands

We don't make boring wedding bands... There, we said it!

Uniqie Gold Mens Wedding Band Collection

Anti Wedding Bands


A ring made of precious metals for men who want more than a plain band. Forged in New York using Gold, Platinum and Diamonds. This is not just another ring, this is a Rockford Ring.

Who is it for?

If you need a description, it’s probably not for you…

Made in New York

Rockford Collection Men’s Wedding Bands are proudly designed and developed in our production facility in New York City. Our team of master craftsmen and engineers take pride in every aspect of the creation of the Wedding Band. Each piece is hand crafted utilizing the most innovative technologies and tools known to jewelers.

The Hype

Sometimes when there is hype, it is deserved. At Rockford we look for what nobody else is doing. What makes a Rockford ring a Rockford ring.

Do you want to be in a room where everybody has the same ring as you? No? We didn’t think so either…

Join other men who didn’t become boring when it came to getting married.


Anti Wedding Bands for men
Anti Wedding Bands for men
Anti Wedding Bands for men
Anti Wedding Bands for men

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