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Rockford KoreKolors - Colored Gemstones

RGB: The basis of all colors.

When it came to pairing options with Diamond, the king of stones. We knew what we wanted from the beginning. Vibrant colors and options rarer than diamonds themselves.

Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires are equally rare, if not rarer.
The Legends
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Who is it for?

Those who understand that variety is exciting. These are the mavericks, the trailblazers, those who don’t worry about what somebody thinks of them. At first people question your choices, then they follow. These are the leaders of the pack, not the followers…
Made in New York

Rockford KoreKolor rings are proudly designed in our studio and manufactured in New York City. Our gemologists come trained to pick and match every stone and hue perfectly. Each KoreKolor ring adheres to the Rockford design aesthetic and matching precious stones like Burmese rubies to the best shade of Rose Gold or Black Diamonds with our EverBlack Gold. We take these pairngs incredibly seriously. A deep understanding of gemology, taste and amalgamation of science, engineering and sheer beauty allowed us to bring to market the best pairings of gemstones and gold in the most exciting way.
The Hype

When pairing stones with as much personality as our rings, it becomes a real challenge to create something worthy of being included in our collections.

Whether we select pigeon blood rubies from Burma or ultramarine sapphires from Ceylon, we never comprimise and select precious stones are even more valuable than diamonds. This isn’t Hype, it is fact…

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Example: For a $3,290 purchase you could pay $275/m over 12 months. No Interest and No Hidden Fees.

Read More about the different options or Speak to a Rockford Specialist in deciding what is the best option for your purchase.

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You Guys Rock!

American Legends Collection

American Gold mines were the inspiration behind the collection. This bright and colourful past of this key period in the history of the US gave our pieces a powerful design aesthetic. From Ropes to La Paz, check out the story of each ring.
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Rockford H2
Maching rings done right...
Rockford KoreKolors
Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires...
Rockford EverBlak Gold
Black as Night.
Rockford Heavyweights
Big, Bold and Badass...

Designed, Developed and Handcrafted in US


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