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Rockford EverBlak Gold

Black as Night

Rockford EverBlak Gold
Taking over three years of experimentation to find the perfect shade of black for our gold was not going to be easy. Never heard of Rockford EverBlak Gold? It is simply the best black gold available on the market. Now you know…
Who is it for?
EverBlak is for those who love to make a statement. These are men whose happy color is Black. Men who are as mysterious as night itself. Those who like to challenge the norm.
Black was… Black is… Black forever will be the king of colors…
Made in New York

Rockford EverBlak rings are proudly designed in our studio and engineered in our foundries in New York City. Our metallurgists spend over a month to achieve the black finish desired. Each EverBlack ring adheres to the Rockford design aesthetic and it is one of the most complex finishing techniques we employ on our rings. An amalgamation of science, engineering and sheer beauty. Rockford EverBlack, a new standard in Black Gold and used for its unparalleled standard.
The Hype

730 Hours. The time it takes us to make 1 EverBlak ring.
1095 Days. The time it took us to develop our EverBlak collection.

When we say something is special. It truly is. Our EverBlak Gold is such an important introduction to the market, we can confidently say no better alternative exists. Don’t even bother looking, because we did already…

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