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Rockford Ready to Ship

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Rockford Ready to Ship
Introducing a new collection of pre-customized, unworn rings to the Rockford community. Whether it was a sizing issue or a sudden change in opinion, these rings were made to order but never reached their final destination.
Who is it for?

Ready to Wear rings are perfect for the individuals that simply cannot wait. Finally, a range delivered to match your speed.

These rings will have some customizations (like initials or different gemstones). The exclusivity is reflected in the price, and rings are sold as seen.

All rings come with signature packaging and exactly the same reliable service. These rings cannot be adjusted further, but can be engraved upon request.

Made in New York

Rockford Rings are proudly designed and developed in our Ateliers in New York City. Our in house team takes engineering to the extreme by creating rings based on the indivdual. Customized with precision and designed with you in mind. These rings are unique, one-of-one pieces that may never be created again.
The Hype

Rockford Ready to Wear rings eliminate the opportunity for repition. Some may try to imitate, but none will succeed. Rockford rings can only be purchased through us on our site or through our locations.
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Designed, Developed and Handcrafted in US


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