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Rockford Engagement Rings

The most important decision of your life, no big deal.

Engagement Rings by Rockford
Iconic Rockford Engagement™ rings are built in our signature aesthetic to showcase your pledge of eternal loyalty. Designed for the modern individual, these engagement rings were created to last throughout a lifetime of love.
Who is it for?

Rockford Engagement rings are for those ready to take their relationship to the next level. Our team of designers expertly combined both contemporary and timeless design styles, bringing you a collection of never-before-seen engagement rings in the unmistakeable Rockford Aesthetic. Commitment never looked so good.

Made in New York

Rockford Rings are proudly designed and developed in our Ateliers in New York City. Our in house team takes engineering to the extreme by creating rings based on the indivdual. Customized with precision and designed with you in mind. These rings are unique, one-of-one pieces that may never be created again.
The Hype

When introducing a new collection to the Rockford community, the challenge is to create something that has never been done before - something worthy of being included in our archives. That is exactly what we’ve done with the Rockford Collection engagement rings.
Mix and Match With These Iconic Ring Designs:
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Designed, Developed and Handcrafted in US


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