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Everything you need to know about Rockford’s Extended Aftercare Program

Simple, hassle-free product protection for the products you love.
Rockford Aftercare Coverage & Benefits
Accidental damage
Protect your Rockford piece from accidental damage caused by bangs, bumps, and everything in between.
Zero deductible
If your piece needs work, Rockford will repair it based on the scope of the plan you choose. No additional fees. No hiddeen costs.
Hassle-free claims
Rockford is famous for our customer service. Simply text, call, or email our team with your RF order number and we’ll be happy to heelp you get your piece looking like new.
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Plans & Pricing

The price of your Extended Aftercare program depends on the initial cost of your jewelry.

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Out of Pocket Repair Cost RF Limited Lifetime Warranty Silver Extended Aftercare Gold Extended Aftercare Platinum Extended Aftercare
Plan Length
Cost: Complimentary
2 years
Cost 10% of product
3 years
Cost 15% of product
5 years
Cost 20% of product
Polish / Replating / Stone Tightening Free
Everblak Replating Free
Up to two times*

Up to three times*

Up to four times*

Up to five times*
Silicone Band Replacement $50
Cord Replacement $50
Prong Repair $20
Shank/Band Repair $120 - $500
Missing Screw Replacement $50
Broken or Missing Stone Repair* $45-200
Up to .10 ct

Up to .30 ct
Broken Link Repair $150-190
Broken Chain $55-155
Broken Clasp $60-230
Earring Post & Back Repair $50-180
Bale Replacement $80-360
The Savings

Over time, repair costs can add up. Even the most cherished rings can be damaged by daily wear and tear. With the Extended Aftercare plan, your ring is guaranteed to be repaired and protected by the same hands that crafted it the first time.

Why add Aftercare?

Accidents happen to even the most careful individuals. Don’t get caught with unexpected repair fees and an unwearable ring. Protect your Rockford piece against accidental damage not covered by our lifeetime warranty.

Our manufacturer’s warranty

Every Rockford Collection product comes with lifetime coverage for cleaning and polishing, re-plating, and diamond/gemstone tightening.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I add an aftercare plan?

Rockford’s Extended Aftercare program provides coverage for accidental damage not covered by our lifetime warranty, and can help cover the cost of unexpected repairs.

Can I get an aftercare plan for a custom order?

Absolutely! All Rockford pieces are eligible for an aftercare plan. Pieces purchased over 14 days prior to the Extended Aftercare plan must be sent in for inspection before approval of an aftercare plan.

How much does an Aftercare plan cost?

Rockford’s Extended Aftercare pricing is based of a percentage of the final cost of your Rockfford accessory.

What do I need to provide if I file an aftercare claim?

When filing a claim with Rockfford, you will need to provide either your RF order number, email addres, or another identifying piece of information.

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