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The Engaged Man

You Popped the Question… Now what?

The Ring
Why starting early is a good idea.
The only thing that will be with you after the big day is your love and the wedding rings. The pictures will be on the wall, the suit and dress will go into the wardrobe and merry guests will head off home. The rings however are the only physical symbol of your big day that you will see every day.
The Legends
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Made in New York

Selecting where your rings are made is a pretty important decision. Keep in mind you will have these rings for a lifetime. You want to make sure the company you are choosing to have your rings from are going to be around and are stand fully behind their product. From cleaning, polishing to tightening diamonds and everything else that could happed during the lifetime of the product, Rockford knows what a ring for life is and the amount of support we offer for life also…
How to start the search

Well you are in the right place, so congratulations… Now where to begin? Look at your style, what you wear, the watch, the overall look. Think how this ring will grow with your style. It should never blend in. If it does, you made a mistake. The ring is a in your face “Boom I got hitched!” symbol!
Rockford In Action
How To Plan Your Purchase
Step 1
Find a ring you love
Step 2
Force your partner into loving it… (We support you!)
Step 3
Buy it! (See how easy it was?)
The Legends
Discover Collection
When it comes to the ring. Budgets are important, but considering this is a one off purchase it is worth splashing out. Heres why…

1,000,000 the number of times an average person looks at their wedding ring.
Rockford Easy Pay

We keep is simple. 2 Different Easy Interest Free Methods For Buying.

1. 6, 12, 18, 36 Months.

Benefits: Easy, No Interest If Paid In 6 Months.
Example: For a $3,290 purchase you could pay $305/m over 12 months at 10% APR*
Benefits: Pay Over Time. Easy and Discreet. Get The Product Once You Pay Total Amount.
Example: For a $3,290 purchase you could pay $275/m over 12 months. No Interest and No Hidden Fees.

Read More about the different options or Speak to a Rockford Specialist in deciding what is the best option for your purchase.

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American Legends Collection

American Gold mines were the inspiration behind the collection. This bright and colourful past of this key period in the history of the US gave our pieces a powerful design aesthetic. From Ropes to La Paz, check out the story of each ring.
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Rockford H2
Maching rings done right...
Rockford KoreKolors
Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires...
Rockford EverBlak Gold
Black as Night.
Rockford Heavyweights
Big, Bold and Badass...

Designed, Developed and Handcrafted in US


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